Puppy FAQs

Do you health test your Lab parents?

Each producer is checked and to have all necessary health clearances. We check hips and elbows, optigen prcd PRA, EIC, CNM, HNPK.
However, this still is not a guarantee as many health issues are not created by a simple recessive gene and the fact that the parents are not affected does not prohibit them from still producing the occasional problem.
Do all puppies go home with micro-chips ?
Yes !
How do we get to pick our puppy?
Please keep in mind that we as breeders have no control of what color or sex is born, so please be willing to accept a different color and or sex. With our litters, the breeder will always have first and second pick to choose puppies that will continue our breeding lines.

 ie: Senerio №1: If you are 3rd on my waiting list for a yellow male and only 2 yellow males are born then either your second choice sex or color comes into consideration, and IF you don't have a second option then your deposit gets carried over to the next litter whenever that will be. Senerio №2: If you are 3rd on the waiting list for yellow males and there are 5 yellow males born then on pick up day the two families that have deposits before you get to pick their puppy before you.

Having a second choice of color and/or sex which of course could increase your chances of getting a puppy from a particular litter. Please keep in mind that most of my puppies are sold BEFORE they are born and just because I have your deposit does not mean that I can order what color and/or sex that I have deposits for.


When can my puppy come home?

If you are outside of Ukraine, then the puppy can go to your home at the age of 4 - 8 months.

Each country has its own entry rules and norms for animals and we intend to adhere to them.

Shipping puppies is possible?

We prefer a personal meeting, and we will always be happy if you personally come to pick up your puppy.
But delivery of a puppy to your city is also possible. We will entrust our puppy only to a trusted courier, or we will deliver it personally.
Shipping costs are charged separately.
What papers will come with the puppy?
The puppy will arrive with veterinary papers and a full vaccination record, a microchip, an export pedigree (will issue in 3-6 months), and a rabies antibody test if this is a requirement of your country.

Can I have the first pick puppy?

When we breed a litter we are breeding for ourselves and will keep as many puppies as we deem necessary to continue with our breeding program on this particular pedigree. 

While we always choose first, it doesn't mean that the puppies that are left aren't perfect for you. Many times, you won't notice the difference between our keepers and your beautiful puppy.

After we make our choices, our puppies are sold on a first come, first serve basis from our waiting list according to the deposit.

Do you have the laid back temperament Labradors ?
Yes ! We have generations of wonderful dispositions and temperaments.... Our dogs are quite versatile so if you are a couch potato you Labrador will be right by your side... if you are very active your Labrador will be right there with you.
Do you have any dogs or puppies that can become service dogs or emotional support dogs?
Yes my dogs and puppies have great temperaments and, with the proper training, can go on to be service dogs, ESA dogs, and therapy dogs. If you are looking for a dog to train yourself, my puppies and older dogs are priced the same.

Do you have a waiting list?

Yes, we have a waiting list. We start a puppy waiting list when we are planning a breeding. To get on the waiting list, please fill out the Puppy Questionnaire and read the terms of the puppy reserve.

How to reserve a puppy?

To get on the waiting list, please fill out the Puppy Questionnaire. As soon as I receive your application, I will contact you
Non-refundable deposit $500.00. What does non-refundable mean? If a puppy of color or sex is NOT born to your wants, your deposit is then carried over to the next litter that would have the color and sex you prefer. 

How much are your puppies ?

The price of each puppy is individual.

It depends on the parent couple, age, registration (full or limited)

Will my puppy be AKC Registered?

Yes. We sell all of our pet puppies on an AKC Limited registration. This means they are AKC registered dogs which cannot be used for breeding and cannot be shown in conformation shows or field trials. They can, however, be shown in obedience, agility, rally, tracking, retriever hunting trials, service dogs, and other performance events and can earn titles. If they are bred, AKC will not give a registration to the resulting puppies.
If you are a breeder, you can request full registration. Please indicate this in the puppy questionnaire.

What forms of payment do you take?

We accept payment in the form of a bank transfer, and Western Union

Please note that at the moment PayPal does not work in Ukraine